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Codice: LCI-003
Posizione: Junior IT Consultant:

A Consultant is an IT enthusiast who desires to challenge himself/herself in complex technological fields, both at national and international level.
IT Consultants are team members from day-one, as they participate with a positive and analytical approach to the achievement of project goals, increasing their experience and flexibility within different IT domains and developing project, team and client management skills. In doing so, they provide and receive constant and spontaneous support from colleagues who share their same approach to IT, innovation, quality and results.
The consulting activities are primarily performed at our clients who are amongst the major international companies in different sectors (Finance, Telco, PA and international groups); our IT Consultants are able to manage project of medium complexity also enforcing and managing the support provided by strategic partners such as BMC, HP, Splunk and many others.
IT Consultants will help customers implementing technologies and processes for the performance optimization of IT systems, quality control of services provided, Capacity Planning, Business Service Automation and IT Governance & Strategy, in line with best practices such as the guidelines provided by ITIL.
Settore: ICT
Zona di lavoro: MILANO